A Little Breathing Space (minimal cleverness and spoilers)

Between reading Eric Bennett's recent article How Iowa Flattened Literature this morning and watching men's figure skating in Sochi, I'm having an unusually good morning.  The above article should, if possible, be read without looking at the comments section (always good advice) and without jumping to the conclusion that Mr. Bennett is being particularly catty or self-congratulatory, even to the degree that B.R. Myers was in A Reader's Manifesto back in 2002.  Not to say that Mr. Myers in his turn didn't have some valuable points to make, 'cause he did, as in his more recent book on North Korea, but he enjoys being catty.  He knows he does.

I have the feeling that I've been thrown some ropes recently, some reassurances, however slight, that I'm not as crazy or alone in the world as I once believed myself to be, and this is yet another.  I have a great respect for both modernist literature and M.F.A. programs, but I also have some unsettling feelings, and how was I to know the C.I.A. was involved?  Sometimes you have these Truman Show moments where everything comes together, and maybe those moments in themselves are illusions, but you have to enjoy them regardless.

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