Wisconsin Film Festival - Day 8 (in which females just tumble over left and right at the least provocation, littering public lawns everywhere)

directed by Alice Winocour (France 2012)
LC rating: 3/5

Women going hysterical from sexual repression!  Yey!  This is a dark, atmospheric, well-paced movie with a logical story arc that never exceeds expectations.  There could have been more character development in multiple directions, but it seemed intentionally set to be one of those single-character-plodding-through-dreary-existence type deals, which is fine and can even work well sometimes but in this case seemed kind of wasteful.  Of Chiara Mastroianni's presence among other things.

MUCH ADO ABOUT A WOMAN'S VIRGINITY, THAT IS TO SAY NOTHING (addition of obvious joke begging to be made mine)
directed by Joss Whedon (USA 2012)
LC rating: 5/5

I appreciate some of Joss Whedon's work a lot, particularly Firefly, but I am by no means a drooling fan eager to stack up another victory by my idol, and I don't even do that with directors who I do particularly love.  That said, this is simply the best Much Ado I've seen.  Mentally comparing it to the Kenneth Branagh version is embarrassing, though to be fair it almost makes no sense to compare the two.  Weird as it is to being saying such a thing, this is actually a much more serious adaptation, despite the comedy being better as well.  The scenes following the mid-play wedding freakout are given the gravity they deserve.  The humor is better for being subtler, particularly in the case of Nathan Fillion as Dogberry, which is just genius casting.  This is a well-crafted piece for intelligent audiences, really.

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