Wisconsin Film Festival - Day 5 (holding steady)

directed by Patrik Eklund (Sweden 2012)
LC rating: 3/5

I couldn't find a trailer with subtitles, but it doesn't seem to matter so much with this one.  This was billed as being a Swedish version of Office Space, and it really is basically that.  A solid, mainstream-style comedy that could be a better big-budget U.S. movie if not for the fact that it was shot in Sweden.

directed by Willemiek Kluijfhout (Belgium, Netherlands 2012)
LC rating: 3/5

As I was kind of expecting, there's really only so much to say about mussels, but this is still a fine documentary with artistic shots of the creatures and interesting facts.  It succeeded in making me hungry.

directed by André Téchiné (France 1979)
LC rating: 3/5

Again, no subtitles on the trailer.  I have incredibly mixed feelings about this one.  I enjoyed it, but there were serious problems with it.  An obscure early effort by a now well-known director starring now well-known actresses when they were very young, this will (or did, or would) appeal largely to people who have both an interest in and knowledge of the Brontë sisters and/or French cinema.  I have a problem with the whole biopic thing justifying the complete lack of direction, especially since you're talking about the lives of three people here, which doesn't exactly help narrow down the focus.  The stylistic things I liked about it, though, including the sparse and at times unpredictably humorous dialogue, I really liked.  But that's just it: you can't take a such a stylized approach to any material, historical or otherwise, without also taking some ownership of what the story is actually about.  Apparently this was originally much longer, and was cut rather mercilessly, and sloppily, as some abrupt cuts are still obvious on this release.  I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't specifically already interested in it, but the fact that I've had to think so long about whether to give it a 2 or a 3 is eventually going to result in me giving it a 3.

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