Wisconsin Film Festival - Day 3 (oscillating wildly)

Lots of highs and lows this year.  It just took us a while to get to the highs.

directed by Peter Mettler (Switzerland, Canada 2012)
LC rating: 2/5

I was ready to skip out on this one early due to a scheduling mishap that put us in the position of having to sacrifice the end of The End of Time just to see the new François Ozon flick, so it was a sort of blessing that the entire movie turned out to not be much more than the trailer, which you can watch for free.  There was, at the beginning, some interesting delving into scientific studies of time, but that was basically just a setup for people saying banal things for the rest of the movie along the lines of "time is space and space is time"/"time moves through space, it blows my mind."  We informed the lady who sat next to us that we would have to step past her to leave early; she ended up getting bored and leaving before us but running into us while coming back for her scarf, at which point we exchanged a few words outside about how dull the whole thing had turned out to be.  Some beautiful nature shots, but that's about it.

directed by François Ozon (France 2012)
LC rating: 5/5

I have to admit, I was getting a little bit scared.  I didn't want to set myself up for disappointment by counting on the film that was so obviously up my alley in every way to save me from sub-par plotlines.  But François Ozon has just been getting steadily better in recent years, and this work delivers on a level that I had hoped his previous ones would but never quite did.  This is in the league of Wes Anderson now: self-assuredly brilliant and thoughtfully gift-wrapped for audiences.  Enjoy.

directed by Jung and Laurent Boileau (Belgium, France 2012)
LC rating: 5/5

This was paired with a Wisconsin documentary called Blood Brothers directed by Jonathon Quam, a short film about the bond between two boys who both suffered abuse in their adoptive homes.  The 5 rating is for both: neither overshot its bounds or strayed into sentimental territory.  I didn't feel at all cynical about the fact that nearly half the audience seemed to be crying by the time both films were over.

LA MÉDUSE ROUGE (no trailer)
directed by Michael Wellenreiter (USA 2013)
LC rating: 1/5

So I thought I would see something done by a local graduate that promised to be "out there" and I have absolutely no desire to trash a film that was obviously labored over and used volunteer actors, but I did not enjoy most of this.  It could have been funny, and was at times obviously intended to be funny, but seemed on the fence about whether it wanted to be a parody of a particular type of sci-fi movie.  I wish I had liked it more.

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