Wisconsin Film Festival - Day 2 (gut reviews/mini impressions)

Finally, a free hour.  Once again, leaving the summarizing to the trailers, which you can access by clicking on the film titles.

directed by Yoon Jong-Bin (South Korea 2012)
LC rating: 2/5

There were plenty of funny and even intriguing moments in this Korean gangster film, but not enough to make up for it dragging, and dragging, and dragging.  Comedy and tragedy collided in an uncomfortable and indecisive way.  I've seen movies that played with a variety of emotions and attitudes but still worked, so it's not just a matter of me being one-dimensionally American, I promise.  At least not in this case.

directed by Peter Strickland (United Kingdom 2012)
LC rating: 2/5

I enjoyed this one a lot more than others I've given 2 ratings, I'm glad I saw it, and I really, really wanted to like it, but general incompleteness is just not something that slips under my critical radar.  It started off well, established a consistent aesthetic and sense of humor, and then just refused to become an actual story.  In the parking lot after the movie, a nice guy made an innocent Kafka comparison, and I could not help but think that it might be exactly because of things like this happening that Kafka wanted his work burned.  I didn't actually say that.

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