Wisconsin Film Festival - Day 1 (mini reviews/gut impressions)

These are going to have to be a bit short because I'm seeing 19 films in a week and only taking one day off of work to do it.  Also the days on which the days appear are not necessarily going to correspond, if that makes sense.

directed by Spencer McCall (USA 2012)
LC rating: 4/5

A documetamentary along the lines of The Red Chapel, in my opinion, though what you believe is up to you.  Many would cite the Church of the SubGenius; my immediate inclination is to say a Haruki Murakami novel come to life.  You can tell me it's all real; I won't necessarily believe you, but I didn't question it while it was happening, because that would have been missing the point, man.  You have to like, experience it.  Engaging, endearing, uplifting, funny and a little bit creepy.  Worth it.

directed by Amiel Courtin-Wilson (Australia 2011)
LC rating: 2/5

Toward the end, someone in the audience whispered "Jesus!"  Whether it was an exclamation in vain or whether they were calling upon their Lord and Savior in a time of need, I was right there with them.  This is what happens when you're presented with good actors, original ideas, and arresting cinematography but are still left wondering WHY DID I PAY MONEY FOR THIS AND WHY DOES MY BRAIN HURT SO HARD?  There is one type of person who will claim to enjoy this movie, and they think that you haven't had enough REALITY crammed into your puny body during your limited lifetime.

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