Nuggets: Kubrick's Lolita and Cleaning House

So I finally watched Stanley Kubrick's Lolita last night and I have to admit, I'm a little baffled by the almost unanimously good things I've heard about it.  The best thing about the movie was Peter Sellers, but his performances are more boat-rocking than day-saving.  It makes sense to me that it was a transition point in Kubrick's career, but that doesn't make it a good movie to me, because the more surrealistic stuff clashes with the aggressive banality of the rest of it to the point of making it ridiculous.  In the end, though, this made it a lot of fun to watch, in a train-wreck sort of way.

I've tried to make some minor improvements to this blog as of late, notably by re-ordering the labels in a way that makes it easier to find film and book recommendations and also cutting the concept of serious "reviews" altogether.  I still have some of the entries labeled as "reviews" in the title, and some of them, I think, hold up as such, but it makes more sense to me to split things up between the categories of "things I would recommend" and "things that I have something ostensibly interesting to say regarding for whatever reason" with significant overlap.  I've also installed a Word Reference application for the sake of readers whose first language is not English, or for anyone who just likes to play around with things like that.  I've tried to place it in the handiest location with the handiest settings.

In the spirit of cleaning house, I'm trying to get rid of some of my old lit mags, and it's proving to be a difficult process.  I'm reluctant to get rid of any of my issues of The Paris Review, especially considering how old some of them are already.  I have one (I don't remember exactly which number) that was a gift, and it contains an early Philip Roth story and an interview with Hemingway, so that makes me think about how valuable (both monetarily and otherwise) some of the others might be someday.  I think good magazines are worth hanging onto, because I like looking at old ones just for the sake of looking at them.  I even, especially even, like looking at the advertisements.  For some reason they have the effect of transporting me, or of giving me the feeling of transportation, more effectively than just about any other medium.  In the meantime, though, I should probably at least devise a plan for getting them out of the hallway, where the cats keeping crashing into them.

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