A Few Notes on Cannes This Year

It was just announced a few days ago that Christophe Honoré's new film Les Bien-aimés is going to be closing the Cannes festival.  I feel like I should be able to go because the screening is happening the day after my birthday, but I'm just happy it's getting press.

Clip from Les Bien-aimés just released (in French)

Opening the festival, as people who are up with this kind of thing already know, is Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris.  The cast list is impressive--or another way of looking at it is I guess it's about what you would expect from a Woody Allen film set in Paris these days--but I must admit I'm mostly just looking forward to Owen Wilson saying words like "perplexing."

I find myself somewhat intrigued by the Israeli film Footnote by Joseph Cedar.  It's difficult to pin down the mood from the trailers and synopses that are out there, but it seems like a combination of comedy and thriller.

Footnote info and trailers at incontention.com

I'm hoping that Melancholia, the latest from Lars Von Trier, ends up being a fresh take on the kind of eschatological movie that is prone to racking up huge box office sales in the U.S. and being a steaming pile of dung in the meantime.  Someone on YouTube said it looked like Rachel Getting Married meets Knowing and another user suggested Donnie Darko rather than Knowing.  I'm hoping it's more the latter.  The presence of both Charlotte Gainsbourg and Charlotte Rampling is encouraging.

More later, perhaps.  I'm working right now on a statement of advocacy (so official!) for Honoré's film La Belle Personne (The Beautiful Person), which is due for an English-subtitled release later this month.  After receiving a lukewarm to cold reception by most English-language reviewers, I feel it deserves some love.

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  1. That was me, the one who said it was Rachel Getting Married meets Knowing! :D