Things That Are Good

My brother has a blog called Things That Are Good.  (Check it out, it's good.)  Reading through it got me thinking about the fact that I really don't like doing reviews.  In fact, most of the "reviews" I do on here are not at all impartial and usually put forth with some specific purpose in mind (calling attention to something I already like, pointing out something that annoys me).  Mostly I don't like writing criticism, which does not mean that I prefer to compensate by flinging mindless compliments at mediocre phenomena.  Things That I Find Unremarkable are Things I'm Likely To Forget.  I like celebration.  I also like griping about how things could be better, though not even really that much, and that would not make nearly as good of a concept for a blog.  Mostly I like celebration, and in that spirit I'm considering tagging my positive reviews as "recommendations" from now on.  I think of this as being more fun for me and also hopefully more helpful.  I don't think anyone really wants to read about Things That Are Mediocre, or Things That Were Almost Great But Then Weren't.  I'm sure I'll continue some of those when, as before, there is a point to be made.  But mostly I am interested in Things That Are Good, and I suspect I'm in good company.

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