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Christophe Honoré is not well-known in the U.S.  It's a pain waiting for his films to be released stateside, and in fact I purchased two of his most recent (he's a busy man) from the French Amazon site.  But I fell in love with Love Songs a couple of years ago, bought everything else of his I could get my hands on, and became a hopeless addict.  So I am obligated to keep abreast of his latest releases.  Sometime later last year I saw a preview for his latest release, Homme Au Bain, which stars the French porn star François Sagat and which in the reviews I read was largely described as being sort of a monotonous art film involving a lot of gay sex.  Which means it likely won't get a U.S. release at all, though I'm seeing it was at the most recent film festival in Chicago.

So I'm late with this because I wasn't expecting another release so close to the last one.  Not only did he start shooting a new film directly after Homme Au Bain, he started shooting a new film with Catherine Deneuve.  Not a huge surprise considering that he's been working with her daughter, Chiara Mastroianni, in various films for the past several years, and they have played mother-daughter roles before (as they are here).  But it's still kind of a big deal, and I imagine it will be kind of a big deal upon release.  Awesome.  Details here.

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