I was thinking about purchasing Christine Sneed's first collection of stories because I've liked everything of hers I've read, and lately her writing has been all over the goddamned place.  Pleiades, Glimmer Train and New England Review, just off the top of my head.  The New England Review, or rather just New England Review (like Smashing Pumpkins) is one of my favorite lit mags; not just because I like the writing, but because its initials, proudly displayed on the cover, spell "ner."  Nernerner.  Anyhow, the aforementioned publication included a Christine Sneed story in their latest issue.  It's about a woman being divorced by her celebrity husband, and I was drawn to the inherent idea that craving of acceptance from a "higher" echelon of society is not a phenomena lost on those who choose non-traditional paths in life; if anything it's more important.  I found this theme, and the way that it was rendered, touching.  So I decided to see about buying a book of hers, because I knew she had a collection out.  But in the process I ended up stumbling across her web page, which is an absolute riot.  At least parts of it are, in a good way.  I'm sort of stuck reading her blog entries now, and I would recommend them if you're at all interested in this sort of thing.  I'm not sure what I mean by that, but there's some smart, insightful commentary there on literature and related matters.  Apparently she liked Eat, Pray, Love the book but did not like the movie and that actually makes me want to read it.  I'm reminded that one of Elizabeth Gilbert's novels was a finalist for the National Book Award, which is weird considering...well, you have to admit it is kind of weird.  I did read some of the first pages of Eat, Pray, Love hastily and I was not taken with the general feel or with Gilbert's (if I'm remembering this correctly) Lake Superior/pool of snot metaphor.  But while it may not be my number one priority, I do intend to get to the bottom of this mystery of who the hell Elizabeth Gilbert is as a writer and quite honestly, I hope that at least some of her stuff is good.  If only to somehow make up for that offensive diarrhea episode of a movie.

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